Torn Hearts

   12" x 24" canvas board

Handcrafted Velvet-lined Wood Trinket Box

Signed Prints $18

Order your 8" x 10" signed / numbered print today!

in a world where you can be anything

Be Kind

Hand Lettered Plaque


and several light coats of Rust-Oleum Clear Coat to prevent bleeding


Use Your Wings

Beach Memories Wall Collage

My sister may be a Princess
But I am a Superhero


wood step stool
acrylic paint
lacquer paint
computer and printer

1) Type the quote in a word doc
2) Add graphics from goggle images
3) Size type and graphics to fit stepstool
4) Print and tape on wood
5) Emboss with a pen
6) Fill in with paint
7) Finish with spray varnish

To my children, honoring their journey

A few of my favorite paintings